2005 - 2008 Doctorate in Japanese Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
2003 - 2005 MA in Japanese Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
1997 - 1998 MA in Advanced Studies of the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. (Scholarship grant awarded by the British Academy Humanities Research Board)
1992 - 1995 BA (Hons) Fine Art (First Class) University of Central England in Birmingham, UK
2012 August 8th NHK BS1 Begin Japanology, Japanophiles - Adam Booth
2012 Tokyo Skytree 1stFloor Mural Art Direction with teamlab (Computer Graphics and Production)
2011 Ceiling Painting for Chogenji Temple Shinjuku Tokyo
2011 ICONO-NARASIA Video, 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital Adam Booth (Original Artwork) teamlab (Computer Graphics and Production)
2010 Yomeishu Television Commercial with teamlab
2009 Golden Dragon Work donated to the Caves Mogao project in China
2008 KIAF International Art Fair, Seoul, South Korea.
2008 Solo Exhibition "Everything & Nothing" Gallery unseal Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2008 Exhibitor at Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo International Forum
2007 Group Exhibition, "Ranga Contemporary Japanese Painting", Forever Museum of Contemporary Art
2007 Solo exhibition, "Angel", Gallery Art Morimoto, Ginza, Tokyo
2007 Solo exhibition, "Eternal Spring", Gallery ef, Asakusa, Tokyo
2007 Group Exhibition, "A Fascination for Japan", produced by the Asscociation for Culture of Suginami, Tokyo
2007 Exhibitor at Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo International Forum
2007 Solo Exhibition, Kyubidou gallery, Roppongi, Tokyo
2006 Solo Exhibition "Auspicious & Suspicious" Gallery unseal Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2006 Group Exhibition Gallery Art Morimoto
2005 Solo exhibition "7th heaven cloud 9 ", ars gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo
2005 Exhibitor at Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo International Forum
2005 T-shirt Collaboration with Japanese Designer Brand TK Takeo Kikuchi
2005 Solo exhibition "white elephant " Gallery unseal Nihonbashi
2004 Group Exhibition, Gallery Art Morimoto, Tokyo
2004 Group Exhibition "Flowmotion", Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
2004 Solo exhibition "Stealing Feathers", ars gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo
2004 Solo exhibition "The Peach Garden", Gallery PSY, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2003 Group Exhibition, "Racoo", Gallery PSY Kyobashi, Tokyo
2003 MA in Japanese Painting, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music.
2002 Solo exhibition at ars gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo
2002 Tokyo Art Festival Group exhibition at Tokyo Art Factory, Shinbashi, Tokyo
2002 Asian Style Group exhibition at Pepper's Loft, Ginza, Tokyo
2001 - 2003 Japanese Government Monbusho Research Scholarship Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1999 Solo Exhibition as part of Japan Culture Festival, Cheltenham, UK
1999 Solo Exhibition at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales.
(Grant awarded by The Great Britain Sasagawa Foundation)
1999 Solo Exhibition "Daiwa Foundation Japan House" 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London
1997 Solo Exhibition "Green" "White Room" gallery of "Coffee, Booze and Music, Kawano", Kochi, Japan
1996 Leonardo da Vinci Program 4 week Spanish language training in Spain, followed by a 2 month work placement at Video APLI in Valencia.
1996 Voluntary Tourist Guide and Research into Rainforest Ecology 3 months in Southeast Peru
1995 - 1996 Ikon Touring Program "Signs and Wonders This exhibition bought together sculpture and drawings by four artists whose work was concerned with scientific investigation. Birmingham, UK
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